By Dare Adekanmbi The motivation for writing this piece is to give hope to struggling entreprising youths, especially those operating in Nigeria’s inclement business climate, that though many are the challenges confronting entrepreneurial spirit, with determination and adoption of never-give-up attitude, those obstacles can be turned into stepping stones […]

  While good men meet to plan, evil men meet to plot destruction. It is therefore not surprising that present day happenings reminds one of the nefarious hatched plots against prominent Nigerians. A former governor was crucified under Ibrahim Babangida. Several others were witch hunted and even humiliated during the […]

  You can be right in all you do ,but “you can’ t be wrong and get it right. Having failed to find fault with the people’s mandate, antagonists will resort to anything.To their dismay , from far and abroad,the government of Adamawa state is applauded. The governor of Rivers […]